Using Ez Hype, you can champ your milds quickly, cleanly, and easily.

ez hype cigar posterGetezhype LLC has innovated a new product, Ez Hype that will help you champ your milds quickly, cleanly, and easily. We are a Virginia-based store open to serving all interested customers no matter the location.

What does it mean to “champ a black”?

When you have a black and mild cigar, you can remove the inner (“cancer”) paper. This process involves removing the tobacco from the cigar, usually into the plastic wrapper that it comes in. Then, you can replace the tobacco. With Ez Hype, this process can become simpler and you can conveniently remove the inner paper with less hassle.

Mission and Vision

To provide our customers with a high-quality product that can enhance their smoking experience. We strive to be our customer’s top choice for the product that we provide.

For Inquiries and Concerns

For order inquiries and other concerns, please contact us today for assistance.